1 the concept of talent

Meritocratic, best.

Talent is the soul of enterprise, talent for the company as the greatest wealth, always put the talent as a business enterprise development of this, in this competition, the development of the.

The company provides a broad stage to play to the staff, the vast space to display their talent, to find and train the talent, talent, talent development.

Pay attention to talent introduction and training, supporting a full range of technical and professional training, enhance all levels of employees in the work of actual operation ability, do people-oriented, merit and talent.

We have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious, diligent work atmosphere, a common development of team spirit.

We believe that Affirmative software Limited by Share Ltd is an ideal platform for the display of all kinds of talents have both ability and political integrity ambition.

2 compensation


The company provides competitive salary in the industry, through the effective salary management to keep the external and internal to the individual fair.

Company is mainly based on the employee's value, ability and contribution of the three factors determine the employee compensation, achieve the & ldquo; give full scope to the talents, people in the property & rdquo.


  • Pay social insurance for the employees according to the relevant regulations of the government, including pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance and housing fund.
  • The company regularly organize employees to participate in various activities (hiking, picnic, tea, dinner).
  • The company provided free lunch for the staff.
  • The Department as a unit, each employee enjoys a certain amount of annual funding for the Department and staff exchanges, activities.
3 channel

Zhenfang company for employees to provide two-way choice of career development channel, employees can according to their abilities, interests and career planning, management potential and ability of employees go line management career path and willingness to sink in a professional (Research and development, implementation, marketing, sales, consulting, etc.), painstaking research, become the professional experts in the field of employees to take the professional line career path. Double step occupation development channel provides a broad space and platform for the development of company employees in occupation.

4 communication channels

The company advocates “ communication barrier ” communication culture, provide a variety of communication channels (communication meetings, reports, interviews, internal e-mail) provide various suggestions and advice to management.