Won the 2015 title of China top ten brand in ceramic industr

On April 21, 2015, China ceramics industry attention brand Forum brand list Awards 2015 China Ceramic ceramic Theatre in China ceramics industry headquarters, the General Assembly was held, many industry insiders with Tao Wei business elite attended the event. Ceramics by absolute advantage won the title of China top ten brand in ceramic industry, ceramic on the honor roll and add a bright one.

China ceramic brand list is by China building materials market Association launched, first "a people a votes" micro-letter vote selection activities, full play new media of advantage, participation selection of ceramic enterprise are by micro-friends nominated, and recommended, and Enterprise cover and Association recommended of way for, activities always insisted voluntary, and public, and fair, and just of principles, adhering to professional and open of concept, aimed at build China ceramic industry most with authoritative, and open, and professional sex and interactive sex of annual industry selection Festival. Because of this selection of great openness and authority are ceramic company, ceramic industry association, the country dealers, designers and consumers broad support and participation, selection of roaring, fierce competition among enterprises is unprecedented.

In this vote in the selection of ceramics in the minds of consumers brand recognition and reputation has been confirmed once again, has amounted to more than 1.1 million votes, ranks first with the absolute leading edge of vote, ultimately expected, won the title of China top ten brand in ceramic industry.

"The brand is the soul of enterprise brand value is one of the most important intangible assets, not only that, brand is more related to the company's survival. "This is the prize-giving ceremony, guest speaker, Professor Ding Li, a well-known economist said in a speech. In 2015, the ceramic industry is the brand Gold competition, whose brand value and market recognition of the high, who will be able to survive in the fierce competition in the space.

Ceramics from the beginning of the creation, combining a high product quality and brand image, depending on the brand of life, adhering to the "in harmony, and mutual prosperity" brand business philosophy, pushing and spreading Chinese culture. With its own platform, and constantly develop classic and fashionable new products, strengthen their internal construction, improve the level of marketing, brand awareness and reputation soaring, has won the "ten tiles brand" "Guangdong famous trademark" "most affected customers" and other awards, is highly trusted and recognized by end-consumers.

The ten was awarded China's ceramic industry brand, not only of the ceramics over the years intensive kind of recognition on the market, is a spur to continued brand of ceramic. Ceramic will, as always, adhere to the road of brand, is committed to providing our customers contribute to creating a better home life.