New product with new software, everyone is a designer

The changing market demand and requirements manufacturers must respond in a timely manner, and continues to introduce new r more popular with consumers. Ceramic HD launch on the next meeting of marble tiles, Super variety of jade and porcelain plates new, highly recognized and welcomed by the national distributor.

Quality products is a guarantee of sales, however the tiles as semi-finished products, sales actually landed, we had an important —— that product design.

How to make ceramic tile product design can be arbitrary, has always been the Terminal sales needs to solve the problem. Through numerous research contacts, ceramics and finally found a way to solve this problem. During the meeting the following year, ceramics to the national dealer launch the latest design software "easy". Greatest feature of this software is easy, design faster, everyone, once you have the basic operation methods, can turn in the shortest possible time, turned into a good space designers, easier for customers to design the perfect renderings of space applications.


As we all know, good product needs good design, tiles design as an extension of the sales service, occupies an important position in Terminal sales. In General, point-of-sale solutions to the customers design or decoration company or store hiring designers, tailor-made according to customer type and area.

But this flaw is high costs, lengthy, and if there is a convenient piece of software, can take the place of product designers, sales type according to the customer's area and personal preferences, in the shortest time possible with software design the ideal space renderings, greatly simplifying the design, this can rapidly improve the turnover rate, so as to achieve the objective of improving sales.

Easy design software easily solves this problem. Ceramics recommended easy software for site operation, convenient and quick, any store sales personnel can be customized according to customer needs, easy design customers want space renderings, greatly improving efficiency, where everyone is a designer's dream come true.

New product, new technology

New product line with new technologies, our dealers welcome and sought after, with the design software, Terminal sales that everyone can be a professional space planners, tile sales has much more simple, easy.


Ceramic participating dealers say they deeply appreciate the were in the end-seller's shoes manufacturers consider truly vendor integration, cooperation and win-win, this brand is very trustworthy.