Transformation and upgrading of tide, ceramic lead the moder

The night of July 31, ceramics for five days of "transformation and upgrading of · stone is featured new product launches and the "2015 year of the gold sales training will at the Guangdong Taishan country garden Phoenix hotel come to an end.

This times Conference content rich compact, theme around "transformation upgrade · stone is ceremony" always heat not reduction to for with, Conference content covers terminal business mode transformation upgrade, and gold sales training, and 2015 Bohua Enterprise summer new released cum site fair, three big important agenda, and from marketing, and Terminal, and products, aspects cut, on how accelerated achieved brand transformation upgrade, build strong brand, and strong terminal for has in-depth discussion.

Restructuring and upgrading, challenges and opportunities co-exist

2015 great challenges and opportunities of the economic environment, UBM sinoexpo Chairman Mo Dong said in late 2015, UBM sinoexpo enterprises will focus on upgrading the terminal business model, activities to establish normal system, set up a market-oriented, taking customers as the Center, point, line, face the Terminal three-in-one stereo channel. Then more with General Liu, Wang as well as an outstanding distributor representatives shared the terminal business ideas with the transformation and upgrading of the road.

Subsequently, senior leaders from the activities of an Bohua promotional success, store ten unified, transformation and upgrading of dealers and company management, speech, gaining warm applause.

New releases, led the latest stone

As an important part of this Conference in the following year, fashion show as a bright spot. Ceramic 2015 launch of the latest research and production of new products, including HD marble tile, flat stone, ink-jet, variety of products, such as tiles. Leading industry products, a broad market space, strong brand strength and unprecedented preferential policies, making subsequent field orders link hot atmosphere, crowds, hundreds of dealers take advantage of this opportunity, competing orders.

Dealers visited New

Press Conference, UBM sinoexpo enterprise product planning department director Wang analyzed in depth the new selling points, collocation space and tile display. Wang said the new products are based on natural marble or rare jade model, combines advanced technology and original technology, creating a unique top Irene. This new release will further improve the product structure, expand Terminal sales channels, to enhance the consumer experience.

Teachers and students q wells

In order to build a strong end to enhance Terminal sales, ceramic guest master marketing training Igoshi on-site instruction. More teachers proficient in all aspects of Terminal sales, has a wealth of practical experience, in the humorous language in layman's Guide, industry trends, and to teach students sales skills, resolve sales problems, interpret the characteristics of ceramic tile sales, through a unique way of intensive training, combining theory with practice, the students of classroom knowledge is impressive.

Students learn hard jobs

In addition to intense study, participants regain the campus-like fun. Meanwhile, in Group competition, enhances the students ' team spirit, strengthens the team's ability to collaborate, throughout the course entertaining, easy waves, laughter.

Master support, gratitude and wisdom

31st, UBM sinoexpo Enterprise senior lecturer bring to participating in the training of a professional tile product knowledge, sales skills, reinforce the learning content and examination in the field. All students successfully graduated with honors.

General lectures

National secondary counseling, and "business hypnosis wisdom" course teacher founder Zhang Aibin finale appearance at a training lecture on "State building materials industry marketing" as the theme of the course. Trust, gratitude, and wisdom, and was the teacher of three keywords, when everyone learned to trust, with a thankful heart, grateful will receive the wisdom of everyone's desire.

A Carnival party at this Conference to a climax. 31st at eight o'clock in the evening, on the theme "happy Golden pin, Carnival PARTY" victory party staged a Grand.

Wild Party students overflowing talent

At the party, participants talent completely around. First, the planning department brings a wonderful beauty Assistant for student group dance, set off a boom. The group registration program is rich and varied, and styles, wrote and directed the piece, pull model of cool catwalks, make up songs to dance in magnificent cantatas, great variety and dizzying.

Brilliant program will be party to a climax

Talented students

The last link of the Party General Assembly review group has finally unveiled the biggest suspense, the training group will race in the top three, the seventh performances from day training group eventually won the Championship. Cheers of the champion team in the five-day meeting closed.