New marketing tools, service experience-"easy" software t

To better of implementation ceramic 2015 "transformation upgrade · stone is ceremony" years in the Conference spirit, effective using event of effect effect, August 1-August 3, participate in years in the Conference of Terminal dealer and the sales elite from Taishan moved Foshan, participate in for three days of "easy" software training, in training division of site guide Xia began real fuck walkthrough, seeks to in shortest of time within master and familiar software of operation using.

1, waste heat remains, he moved to Foshan

At the mid-year meeting in ceramics is easy once the software is launched, with its easy and practical access to participating dealers have been recognized and sought after, Terminal sales has a lot of help. Event from the threads of the year did not end dealers regardless of their own fatigue, he moved to Foshan, continue to receive three days of hands-on training.

"Easy" software, auxiliary businesses selling products is not only a software tool, it is a highly interactive product sales system. It in a nice three-dimensional virtual model, providing a variety of styles, a variety of function spaces decorating scheme, so as to achieve the goal of full dynamic display of charm, can meet the individual needs of customers in real time, and to design more efficient and convenient to provide Terminal Services.

2, instructor guidance students repeated practice

Specially invited for this training "easy" software company, senior lecturer, personal guidance for the participants, through professional instruction, interactive, multi-dimensional teaching mode for on-site operations guide students on how to quickly and effectively grasp and use "easy" design software.

This software so that customers can be very intuitive to see a variety of tiling effect and renovation works of the whole space, convenient for customers choice, improve sales conversion rates, improve the company's image.

3, new marketing tools and services experience

Training session, students starting from the basic operation of the software to understand and become more familiar with space design, including ceramic tile, style, construction, home furnishings and other layout, full master easy. In the first day of training, had some excellent students to easily make the perfect space renderings.

Ceramic dealers launched the design software, designed to help end solve space problems in the sales process, and power terminals increasing sales through new technologies. Even more important is that this software also provides a new set of marketing tools, research experience and service as a whole, to better fit the marketing work. Believe and strong ceramic products with new design tools in cooperation with is bound to set off a round of final consumption in Terminal Services experience, power Terminal sales to new heights!