"Reunion, joy is bought", factory operators crazy profit-

After more than a month of preparation, on September 20, held in Yantai ceramic "reunion, joy is bought" factory crazy trader profit-sharing activity was held, events popular exception, consumers are actively participating in the activities under a single.

In order to ensure the success of activities, ceramic headquarters dispatched soldiers strong, and Yantai ceramics formed a strong team of sales personnel. Ceramics in Yantai under the guidance of General Manager Liu, Chief, whether it be preparation, is also active during the group solidarity, cooperation, successfully completed the activities, sales exceeded expectations.

It is reported that this event offers policies and rich content to attract the Yantai local numerous consumer concerns, many consumers come on September 20, ceramic shop in laishan district, Yantai City Yongsheng material city crowded, crowded.

The event is rich in content, consumers just shop there will be prizes given range of products priced in direct marketing, consumers maximum feedback. During the event, consumers only buy 50 shopping card, you can earn 500 yuan in cash vouchers and cash grab Awards, cash grab, arrived under a single consumer.

In addition, also have raffle prizes rich, Grand Prize winner will get 5000 worth of free prizes, beauty of the first prize will receive a set of three-door refrigerator. Policy on such a rich offer of activities, so that many consumers face, rewarding experience.

This carefully preparatory of promotions activities hot exception, not only added has Yantai ceramic in local of popularity, further enhanced has brand in local of reputation degrees and influence, and great upgrade has ceramic in Yantai of sales performance, let increasingly more of consumers enhanced has ceramic of awareness, exquisite of tile products, excellent of quality let local consumers praise, further consolidation has ceramic in Yantai building materials market of leading status.

Ceramics are adhering to the "in harmony, and mutual prosperity" brand of philosophy, carry forward traditional Chinese culture. Its classic fashion ceramic tile products, contribute to creating a better home life.