"Reunion, joy is bought", Guangdong Province, held simult

The morning of October 29, "reunion, joy is bought" —— ceramic headquarters trader, factory direct, joint activity in Guangdong to start marketing Center, the General Assembly will be held, Liu Bohua group marketing General Manager General, marketing General Manager Xie Zong, such as sales and Marketing Center participated in the kickoff meeting.

To enhance the level of end-seller marketing team, a solid end-market share, continue to raise the profile of ceramic market in Guangdong ceramics decided to hold joint large group activities, Guangdong Province, on November 21.

This activity aims to help factories buying momentum, advantage integration promotion resources in Guangdong Province, surrounding areas, marketing centers and dealers joint headquarters the elite team, launched a massive headquarters plant-buying campaign, 2015 Sprint performance high.

Start Conference, UBM sinoexpo group marketing General Manager Liu described this linkage activity in Guangdong's purpose and meaning, while the ceramics sales a request in the elite, expect the team to work together, work together to successfully complete this event.

Marketing General Manager Xie Zong starting the Conference analyzed the ceramics industry to the environment, indicate the more sluggish environment when team a clear goal to unite, winter always in an invincible position in the market.

Start the convening of the General Assembly, and greatly encouraged by the improved morale of the marketing team, heralding the end of 2015 linkage group, Guangdong Province officially kicked off, entered the final preparatory stage, and lay a solid foundation for the November 21-buying activities, as well as ceramic 2015 years of marketing work to draw a perfect end.